I want to understand holding’s products and services impact and to harmonize them into group companies, guided by a symphony, focused on business launching and development.

I advise new business to organize in corporations and different structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring transactions. Behind what I am doing today stands the work that I did 20 years ago, and 15 years ago, and 10 years ago, and 5 years ago. It is a work in years that allows me to create today. Todays creation is a result of effort, a job in which I used all the human qualities. I decided to create a company to be focused on profit&responsability approach: orientation towards profit while ensuring environmental protection and community involvement to ensure secured and valuabe resources for the future. I truly believe this is businessmans and companies current challenge.

Ofer consultanta afacerilor noi, in etapa de formare si structurare, in conceperea politicilor si definirea tranzactiilor. Este un rezultat al efortului acumulat in ani, o munca in care mi-am utilizat toate atributele umane pentru ca astazi sa pot sa creez. Este o activitate continua timp de 20 de ani, de 15 ani, de 10 ani, de 5 ani. Mi-am propus sa creez o companie care sa fie concentrata pe mixul de abordare profitabilitate- responsabilitate: orientare spre profit asigurand concomitent protejarea mediului cu resursele aferente si implicarea in comunitate pentru asigurarea unui viitor sigur si valoros. Aceasta consider ca este adevarata provocare a omului de afaceri actual si a companiilor.

I see the Manager as the person with the purpose to identify opportunities, to establish strategic goals and policies and constantly monitor their implementation, through adequate resources allocation related to Management principle - a total commitment. Meanwhile, a businessman dedicated to applying the principles of management, creates the premises of a business which is involved, assumes a business development and lead the system to perfection. A businessman is the one who engages people in the company to become responsible, empower employees to face succes and overcome obstacles inherent in any far-reaching professional journey, creates values and their compliance.

Consider Manager ca fiind persoana cu rolul de a identifica oportunități, a stabili politici și obiective strategice și a urmări permanent realizarea acestora, prin alocarea de resurse adecvate, coreland cu ceea ce reprezinta principiul de Management - un angajament total. In acelasi timp un om de afaceri, dedicat aplicarii principiilor management-ului, creeaza premisele unei afaceri, se implica, isi asuma afacerea pe care o dezvolta si conduce sistemul spre perfectionare. Un businessman este cel care angreneaza oamenii in companie pentru a deveni responsabili, transmite angajatilor asumarea responsabilitatii succesului si a obstacolelor inerente frumoasei calatorii profesionale, creeaza valori si indeamna la respectarea lor.
I started-up a business in 2000, as associated partner into a functional company. One year later, I exit the business and developed new businesses in association, that I had managed since 2003. Over the next three years, I started 3 companies, as associated partner, that rated revenues when I retired.
In 2006, I have decided to position myself as main shareholder within a Holding - VP Holding. Until 2012, the holding I manage established a nationwide development. After 2012, VP Holding started the international development and expasion stage. The nationwide expansion was planned in 2006 from the smallest details, starting from the organizational chart required, the responsibilities designed for each employee, market segments targeted and the management software that could sustain this growth. This business growth has exceeded all my expectations, by far.
Today the business I conceived fills a holding structure, consisting in 4 groups of companies, 23 divisions organized in 61 departments and 200 employees.
Liniile de business secundare, aflate însă într-o permanentă dezvoltare, sunt: construcțiile, media&marketing, administrarea de afaceri și recrutarea de personal.
The core business is settled by project management, engineering, grants, software development and management system certification. The secondary business lines are: construction, media&marketing, business administration and (staff) recruitment.

Am intrat in afaceri in 2000 ca asociat intr-o firma existenta. La un an am vandut actiunile si am dezvoltat o afacere noua, pe care am preluat-o singur in decursul a 2 ani (2003). In urmatorii 3 ani am deschis si infiintat in asociere 3 societati, din care m-am retras obtinand astfel capital.
In 2006 am luat decizia sa ma pozitionez ca principal actionar si sa incep dezvoltarea la nivel national a unei companii cu structura de Holding - VP Holding, perioada care s-a incheiat in 2012, cand am intrat in etapa de dezvoltare internationala. Aceasta perioada a fost planificata in 2006 de la cele mai mici detalii, incepand cu structura organizatorica necesara, proiectarea fiselor de actiuni ale fiecarui angajat, segmentele de piata necesar a fi cucerite, pana la softul de management care sa sustina o asemenea crestere rapida. Am depasit toate previziunile, cu mult.
Astazi business-ul pe care l-am gandit are forma unui holding, compus din 4 grupuri, 23 de divizii organizate in 61 de departamente si 200 de angajati.
Core business-ul VP Holding s-a format in jurul competentelor sale principale: project management, engineering, accesare fonduri nerambursabile, dezvoltare de aplicatii software, certificare sisteme de management.
Liniile de business secundare, aflate insa intr-o permanenta dezvoltare, sunt: constructiile, media&marketing, administrarea de afaceri si recrutarea de personal.


VP Holding decides organizing its products and services under 10 lines of business
27 june 2013
VP Holding decided to organize its products and services under 10 lines of business: business development, design & engineering, project management, ISO certification, software development, accessing grants, construction, media & marketing, business administration and recruitment.

VP Holding opens a first branch in West Africa
10 november 2013
VP Holding opened in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania its first branch in West Africa through VP Holding Mauritania.

VP Holding decides its own Integrated Management System migration to a distributed architecture, scalable, cross-platform
27 june 2014
VP Holding decides its Integrated Management System migration to a distributed architecture that allows scalability and performance by rewriting the software in a cross-platform programming language with a friendly user interface, now available on tablets or smartphones.

VP Holding opened a branch in Istanbul
5 june 2014
VP Holding opened in 2014 June a branch in Istanbul, the largest of the cities of Turkey - VP Holding Turkey.

VP Holding opened its first international subsidiary in Moldova
10 march 2012
In the past three years we analyzed the general market of services in the Republic of Moldova and the evolution of economic indicators, and now we considered the appropriate moment to launch VPH services.

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2003.11 - Ending as Director of Integration Policies and Public Relations Department at „IT Training & European Grants” Consultancy Center
2003 - Manager of Public Relations Department at Agraprod Plast LLC
2002.11 - Starting as Director of Integration policies and Public Relations Department at „IT Training & European Grants” Consultancy Center
2001.12.21 - Founding „Asociatia Centrul de Cercetare pentru Dezvoltare Durabila (ACCDD)”
2001.07.11 - Founding VHP Management Oltenia LLC
2001 - Ending activity at Olpo Ulei JSC, Podari
2000 - Starting activity at Olpo Ulei JSC, Podari