The strategy planner is a chess player, fulfilling life.

Since we are born, we learn that success is not a 100% rate. We all have cried and the first time wasn’t successfully. Then we have cried ten times more and the tenth time brought us success - our mother came and took us in her arms. Life does not give us 100% success in anything. We work in sales since we pulled out our hands. We reached the outside world and from that moment we began to sell ourselves. We started to sell the scream of hunger and our parents bought it immediately. Also, we started to sell smiles and we got in return many more smiles. We started selling the words “mom” and “dad” and, for them, we got everything we wanted. Later we started selling friendship and we got friendship in exchange. In fact, selling is an exchange, an interaction.

De cand ne nastem, invatam ca succesul nu este 100% sigur. Cu totii am plans, si prima data a fost fara succes. Apoi am continuat sa plangem si a zecea oara avem succes - mama ne ia in brate. Viata nu iti ofera 100% succes in nimic. Putem considera ca lucram in vanzari din momentul in care am imbratisat lumea exterioara. Am inceput sa vindem tipatul de foame catre parinti, care au rezolvat problema oferindu-ne de mancare. Am inceput la un moment dat sa vindem zambete si am primit in locul lor mult mai multe zambete. Am inceput sa vindem cuvintele mama si tata si am primit pentru ele tot ce ne doream. Mai tarziu am inceput sa ne vindem catre altii prietenia si am primit in schimb prietenie. De fapt vanzarea este un schimb, vanzarea este o interactiune.
Science diplomacy is not science speech. A diplomat knows when to speak, what to speak, to whom to speak, how to speak and when, not to speak. Diplomacy is the art of determining the other to promote your interests with enthusiasm!

Stiinta diplomatiei nu este stiinta vorbirii frumoase. Un diplomat stie cand sa vorbeasca, ce sa vorbeasca, cui sa vorbeasca, cat sa vorbeasca, si cand sa nu vorbeasca. Diplomatia este arta de a-l determina pe celalalt sa-ti promoveze interesele cu entuziasm!
Contract Negotiation for:
Decathlon Brasov
Auchan Giulesti
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1998 - Ending collaboration with Interamerican JSC
1997 - Starting collaboration with Interamerican JSC