Power without knowledge is vulnerable. Science without power is inapplicable.

Defeat your ego! Release yourself of vanities, be patient! Defeat your fear! Then you can start learning!

Infrange-ti ego-ul, elibereaza-te de orgolii! Ai rabdare! Infrange-ti teama! Apoi poti incepe sa inveti!
When you do not know that you do not know, it is very difficult to get to know. The beginning of knowledge is understanding ignorance. Only when you begin to understand that you do not know, and you understand what you do not know, you can begin to accumulate. Once you learn and become wise, you start to argue and to oppose your interlocutors to demonstrate that you know. Only if you will start to listen and not argue, you will accumulate new information. There comes a time when, after a great deal of listening, you get wiser and you can share your knowledge with others - this shall be the time of mentoring. If you keep quiet again, you get to understand your self. Sometimes, by comprehending your self, you can discover the spark of genius hidden inside, and learning to maintain that passion, you can start creating values.

Atunci cand nu stii ca nu stii, e foarte dificil sa ajungi sa stii. Inceputul stiintei este intelegerea nestiinței. Abia cand incepi sa intelegi ca nu stii, si cand intelegi ce nu stii, poti incepe sa acumulezi. Dupa ce afli si devii stiutor, incepi sa contrazici si sa te opui interlocutorilor, pentru a demonstra ca si tu stii. Doar daca vei incepe sa asculti si sa nu mai contrazici, poti acumula noi informatii. Vine o vreme cand dupa multa ascultare te inteleptesti si poti imparti si altora din stiinta ta. Acesta e momentul mentoratului. Daca incepi din nou sa taci, poți ajunge sa te intelegi pe tine. Uneori, prin intelegerea sinelui poti gasi scanteia geniului in tine, si invatand sa ii intretii arderea ajungi sa creezi valori.
Since we are born, we learn! We continually learn, accepting and considering people and facts. People represent an unique source of talents, knowledge, creativity and are a fundamental resource of learning and development to me.

De cand ne nastem, invatam! Invatam continuu, acceptand si considerand oamenii si evenimentele. Oamenii reprezinta un izvor unic de talent, cunostinte, creativitate si sunt o resursa fundamentala pentru mine de invatare si dezvoltare.

2001 - CENTRAS course - Writing projects to obtain external non reimbursable funds
2000 - Completing „SMEs and the business plan & project development for external funding” course – CDIMM Dolj & Phare Progress
1999 - Starting „SMEs and the business plan & project development for external funding” course – CDIMM Dolj & Phare Progress
1997 - Graduating the Orthodox Theology Faculty
1997 - Graduating School of Arts
1994 - Starting School of Arts - Opera Singer, Canto
1993.10 - Starting the Orthodox Theology Faculty
1993.06 - Graduating High School, Mathematics - Physics specialization
1991.09.15 - Starting 11th grade
1990.09.15 - Transfer at Mathematics - Physics High School
1989.09.15 - Enrolling at Electrotechnical High School
1988.09.15 - Starting 8th grade
1987.09.15 - Starting 7th grade
1986.09.15 - Starting 6th grade
1985.09.16 - Starting secondary school
1985.06.22 - Graduating primary school
1984.09.15 - Starting 4th grade of primary school
1983.09.15 - Starting 3rd grade of primary school
1982.09.15 - Starting 2nd grade of primary school
1981.09.15 - Starting primary school