There is nothing new...and still there is something new to inspire

I am a man guided by inspiration: when I write, I do write down! Life purpose is to achieve personal goals and ideals. Inspiration is what guides us towards achieving goals. You can gather inspiration from anywhere, everywhere you least expect. Listen the inspiration, write down and develop it. Inspiration gives you the artistic creation idea, changing the inspiration is dependent solely on the one that process and exposes it to the reader.

Eu sunt omul inspiratiei: atunci cand mana scrie, intr-adevar scrie! Scopul in viata este infaptuirea telurilor si idealurilor personale. Inspiratia este cea care ne ghideaza spre atingerea telurilor. Inspiratia o poti culege de oriunde, de oriunde te astepti mai putin. O asculti, o notezi si o dezvolti. Inspiratia iti asigura nasterea actului artistic, modificarea inspiratiei fiind dependenta exclusiv de cel ce o prelucreaza si o expune cititorului.
I am more likely a poet, than novelist. But at the same time, I appreciate prose and the writer inside me. The writer awaits, writes down his inspiration on paper, transforms and reinterprets the inspiration. Meanwhile, the poet settles inspiration directly on the sheet of paper.

Eu sunt mai mult poet, decat prozator. Dar in acelasi timp, iubesc proza si apreciez partea din mine ca prozator. Prozatorul sta, aseaza inspiratia pe hartie, o contorsioneaza, o transforma si o reinterpreteaza. In acelasi timp, poetul asterne inspiratia direct pe coala de hartie.
“Struggle”, by Virgil Profeanu
“Relativity”, by Virgil Profeanu
“Mother”, by Virgil Profeanu
“Why? By chain”, by Virgil Profeanu
“It is the water of beginnings”, by Virgil Profeanu
“Stroll”, by Virgil Profeanu
“What I was thinking in the IVth grade”
"acvila și business-ul", by Virgil Profeanu

„Educational programs for children and young people detained in prison”, by Virgil Profeanu
We have to understand existence from different perspectives and then we can comprehend it, saying I understood experiences. Only from an outside perspective, you will understand what a man wants. The purpose of our lifes is not work, work is just a mean to provide materoial needs important to achieve the purpose of life. The purpose of life is the goal of faith, for those who have faith and for those who do not believe in anything, the purpose of life is nothing.

Trebuie sa privim existenta din perspective diferite si atunci le putem interpreta, afirmand ca am inteles experiente. Doar atunci cand privesti din exterior si analizezi, vei intelege ceea ce isi propune un om. Scopul vietii noastre nu este munca, munca este doar un mijloc de a ne asigura elementele materiale necesare pentru a atinge scopul vietii. Scopul vietii este scopul credintei, pentru cei care au credinta; iar pentru cei care nu cred in nimic, scopul vietii este nimicul.

2014.10.09 - acvila si business-ul
2002 - Writing the project „Education programs for minors and young people detained in Craiova PMT”
2001.06 - Ending collaboration with ARPIF PRESS Agency, Publishing House „1F”
1999.04 - Writing the poem „Relativity”
1999 - Writing the poem „Mother”
1999 - Writing the poem „Why? By chain”
1999 - Writing the poem „It is the water of beginnings”
1999 - Writing the poem „Stroll”
1997.05 - Starting collaboration with ARPIF PRESS Agency, Publishing House „1F”
1995.10 - Writing the poem „Thoughts”
1993.06 - Writing the essay „Word over time - What I was thinking in the IVth grade” - The Book of Honor of Radu Greceanu High School
1992 - Writing the poem „Struggle”
1988.04.20 - Writing the essay „Working man, like fruitful tree”